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25 Years of Agatha Christie’s Poirot 

S01E07: Problem at Sea
'I thought Mrs. Clapperton a very unpleasant woman. In fact, I don't think anyone on board ship really liked her but, surely, who would have reason to kill her?


Day 4: Your Favourite Book of Your Favourite Series

I have a few aforementioned favourites in this series, but this one takes the crown.

Reasons I love this book:

  • It’s narrated by Hastings. Hastings is comfortingly normal - a bit of a prude when it comes to snooping, but that can’t be helped. The way that Christie writes him, or rather writes from his perspective, is brilliant. He’s witty when the situation calls for it, very, very English and therefore the perfect foil for Poirot, and delightfully obtuse. Generally, he makes a Poirot novel ten times better.
  • Carlotta Adams is the most three dimensional character, I think, Christie’s ever written. She goes from comic on the stage to nefarious murder suspect, to victim, to academic, to loving sister, and finally, back to the fool.
  • The plot twist is exceptionally brilliant in its simplicity.
  • The characters are all compelling, but its the women who are the most memorable.
  • And Jane Wilkinson.


Agatha Christie


~a mother’s love~ 👩❤️👦


~a mother’s love~ 👩❤️👦

"If one has an opportunity to observe human nature, time is never wasted."
— Hercule Poirot in The Under Dog by Agatha Christie